Will It Ever Be Me?

I refuse to believe that the fact that I am alone at 28 is indicative of a flaw in me. I refuse to believe that there is a flaw in you. Sometimes it just happens. But I also refuse to be okay with it.

This Is The Best Part Of Your Twenties

The best part of your twenties is not the financial freedom. It is not that we finally feel that we are about to make it. It isn’t even found in that spectacular job offer that we worked for a full decade to obtain.

The Cure Isn’t Always The Answer

You should know that there are people in life who would complain about the brightness of a sunrise. There are people in life who would look at a perfect dusk and complain that it’s not bright enough for them to read their book. There are people in life who would listen to birds chirping happily in the trees and find fault in their tone.

The Sexism Behind The Bo Burnham Hype

Five years ago, I looked at him and I thought that he was everything I wanted to be. Now, with so much familial and therapeutic support, I realize that he is everything that I am.