We All Deserve To Find ‘The One’

That is the most dangerous path to go down in a relationship. That is a path that leads to months of breaking up and getting back together, months of red flags obscured by hot makeup sex and happy date nights, months of pretending like everything is fine.

I Feel Loneliest When I’m With You

When I’m snuggled up by myself, I can pretend everything is ok. I can pretend like you’re a couple of miles away, laying in your own bed, missing me. I can pretend you’re wishing I was there.

You Are Who You Love, Not Who Loves You

The girl who falls too fast, who gives her heart to the wrong guy, who blames herself every time someone new leaves her behind. We all know that girl. In fact, we might even be that girl.

I Will Either Love You, Or I Will Hate You

I know that soon enough my tears will dry and the days will be sunny again, filled with your kisses. Days like the first day of spring when suddenly the world is perfect and beautiful and wonderful again. Days that erase the dark, cold memori

Not Everyone Who You Lose In Life Is A Loss

Stop acting like you let go of something valuable, stop giving him (or her) that power. Pick yourself up, stitch your heart back together and tell yourself everyday that this is not a loss but a win.