As Cliché As It Sounds, I Want You To Go And Follow Your Heart


Go and follow your heart. It might be the most overrated advice given in the entire lifetime of the human race but I’m going to tell you just like everybody else, go and follow your heart.

When was the last time you actually followed your heart, without anyone else’s opinions? Without the fear that you might be judged for your decision? Can you recall the last time you actually felt you’re free and you hold your own life?

Life made our minds pre-occupied with the things that we needed to do, the things we needed to survive in this world. Survival is really a thing when it comes to life; after all, it is in the core of every human.

I’m not telling you that focusing on your needs to survive in this world is a bad thing or anything like that. It’s natural. Our existence is framed to survive throughout life.

Still, I want you to ponder about the time you actually felt you’re living. When was the last time you felt that life is actually worth living and you told yourself you’re going to keep on doing what you’re doing? We are all busy with our own priorities. We often forget that we are not living to work, that we are all working to stay alive.

I want you to find yourself once again, find the things you really love and keep on doing it. If you want to travel, paint, play, or whatever you want to do that you really desire from the bottom of your heart, I’m telling you right now… “Go and follow your heart.”

I want you to feel that you’re actually a human capable of making wonderful memories and living a life worth living. Remember that you can achieve your desires if you would give time for yourself to do it. Life is not about money or getting rich, it’s about making memories that’ll last forever because life is too short and one day, you’ll regret the things you never did when you had the chance.

As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. But why would you believe a man in his 20’s who hasn’t really lived the life he really wanted nor taken the advice for himself that he has been giving to somebody else. Well, I lived a life of regrets. I’ve always acted upon my parents’ wish, I behaved because I fear the judgment of the people around me that they might think I’m weird for not conforming in the things everyone does. I stayed in my comfort zone because I let my fears cripple my freedom. But everything’s going to change.

I have lived twenty years, being afraid and not being able to do what my heart really wants. I’m going to spend the remaining years of my life pursuing the things that really matter, hoping you’ll do the same.

I want you to think about your future and how scary it is to regret something because right now, you have the chance. Don’t let it go.

Right now, you have this moment to change your life. Right now, you have the power to go after what you really want without compromising your needs to survive. Take a little time to figure out what you want and have the drive to accomplish it.

I’m going to tell you once again… “Go and follow your heart, like what I will do now.”