Are You A True Orange Is The New Black Fan? Take This True Or False Quiz To Find Out


For those of you who raced through the Netflix series but have yet to check out the real story in print: Here are some plot details from the show, see if you can guess whether they happened in the book or were fabricated for your viewing pleasure.

Answers are below.

1. Piper Chapman is a blonde WASP who went to Smith College.

True or False?

2. Piper actually found herself at the Brussels airport with a suitcase full of money

What do you think?

3. Piper’s ex-girlfriend ended up in the same prison as her.

Yay or nay?

4. Lesbian relationships were common among the inmates

True or False?

5. The inmates were organized into “Suburbs”, “Spanish-Harlem” and “The Ghetto”

This isn’t a trick question!

6. Piper insulted Red’s food in the beginning of her stay.

Yes way? No way?

7. Piper’s fiancée Larry used the story to jump-start his writing career

True or False?

8. Piper served the full 15 months in a state prison

True or False?

1. True. Although her real name is Piper Kerman, she did in fact go to Smith and live around Northampton in the years after college where she met a group of “impossibly stylish and cool lesbians in their mid-thirties.”

2. True. She did in fact smuggle money for her drug-dealing girlfriend at the time, Nora Jensen.

3. False. Piper and Nora were not placed in the same prison. The real Piper served her time at an all women female correctional institution in Danbury, CT.

4. False. In the book, the relationships among the women were mostly “school girl crushes” that did not evolve into anything serious.

5. True. Race was a very important factor in the social organization of the inmates. About half of the inmates were Latino, and a quarter black.

6. True. Although the head chef’s name was actually Pop and the backlash was not nearly as drastic as the series portrayed it to be.

7. False. The real Larry already had a successful writing career at the time of Piper’s conviction.

8. True. This was her actual sentence, plus two years of probation after she completed it. Piper and Larry remain ardent activists for prison reform to this day.

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