Are We Headed to ‘Idiocracy?’


For anyone who has yet to watch Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy,” please do so now. Judge’s satirical film about a future America where the public has become so dumbed down that we elect a pro wrestler as president who holds monster truck rallies is becoming relevant today. Some see Trump as the start of this because he is a former reality TV star who is famous now mostly because of a corny catch phrase. Trump, however, still was a business man with some success and that is more plausible than a pro wrestler.

The real fear is what comes after President Trump. Just last week, we all had to witness Kid Rock hold a concert/rally for senate where he had cued guitar riffs after each point he made. Don’t get me wrong, it was hilarious to see Kid Rock grabbing his crotch ranting against “dead-beat dads” and praising Jesus in the same breath. But it should be scary as well. Where does this lead us? In 2028, will we see Republican nominee John Cena taking the presidency from President Rock with a ceremonial “People’s Elbow?”

Granted, this is not something that will likely happen in the near future, but we should be more cautious in our choosing of politicians. The idea of President Kanye West having the same hand that stole the mic from Taylor Swift on the nukes is terrifying. What I fear we will began to see is more of a popularity contest for President. Whoever gets elected will be based on how much we know and enjoy them, not because they have sound views.

So before we hear “Bawitdaba” from Kid Rock or “Runaway” by Kanye played at an inauguration, we need to pay attention to who is seeking political office. “Idiocracy” is beginning to look more like a documentary or prophecy than a mediocre comedy. Sadly, it does see, as though Kid Rock will win and so I will say he and I agree on one thing: We never met a motherfucker quite like him.