Animal Crossing Will Relax You (And Reset Your Brain From All The Bad Things Going On)


Animal Crossing has returned at the perfect time. Now that you have hours upon hours to fill, you’re going to need something addictive to occupy your time.

If you’re not going to be productive IRL, you might as well be productive on your island.

Animal Crossing starts you off in an airport, so if you’ve been feeling restless, this is a way for you to get your vacation fix without ever leaving your home. You’ll get to catch bugs, go fishing, plant trees, take pictures, and become friends with every single person in your village.

You can even play the game over the internet with friends who live miles away — or a few houses away. It will make you feel close to them even when you can’t physically see each other.

Still not convinced this game is the perfect way to pass the time? Take a look at these tweets:

You can play fashion designer and create your own clothes:

You can collect cute creatures for your museum, too.

And you can connect with friends from around the world.

You can even create your dream home.

Or you could just fool around.

Animal Crossing is the perfect way to get your mind off of all of the horrible things happening in the world. It will help you forget about your problems, forget about your worries, forget about everything you’ve been missing out on. For at least a little while, it will make you happy to stay home.