An Open Letter To The Love Of My Life (Even Though We Haven’t Met Yet)


I don’t know you yet or maybe I just unknowingly know your existence. Maybe we already crossed paths once in our lives or maybe not. We can be from the same community or country, or live thousands of miles apart. But, I hope and pray that I haven’t met you yet. Scratch that, the truth is I wish that you haven’t met this version of myself yet.

I don’t want to risk the chance of losing you. I can’t risk meeting you as a work in progress. I’m still patching on my trust issues, insecurities, and wounds. Life still has exams solely for me that I’m yet to pass. I can’t love you like this. When I fully become the woman I’ve been destined to be, I can love you the right way. For now, please slow down and wait.

I hope you take the time of your life to grow, know yourself better, and explore the world. You only get to be single once. But, always pray to guard your heart. Be patient. We can grow together even when we’re apart. I want to pour out all the love I can give you, but I can’t do that just yet. I don’t want to offer you a half-baked version of myself.

I look forward to the day that I’ll be able to shake your hand and confidently introduce myself. But, maybe not today, not even tomorrow because you deserve my best – never a perfect woman, but at least the best version I could be. I’d really be glad to meet you for sure, but I guess it won’t be anytime sooner – I am not my best version yet.

But, even though we haven’t officially met yet, know this: At the ripe and right moment, I will love you with a love you deserve. I will build a future with you. I will be both your friend and your lover. I will be the woman you are worthy of. I will be yours. I know life has already planned our meeting. For now, I’ll forget about you and focus on improving myself.

I hope that when our lives cross paths finally or again, I’ll be deserving of who you are and you’ll be deserving of my long guarded and reserved “yes”.