An Open Letter To My Sister On Her Wedding Day


I have tried to write this letter several different times, in several different places. I find it difficult to find the right words, because, in all honesty, what I feel for you is an immense amount of happiness.

You once told me that people are in your life for a specific reason. Some for a lifetime, others for a season. Regardless, the time that you spend with them all accumulates to who you are today.

Being your younger brother, I have been there through all the boyfriends. There was the high school sweetheart, the guy(s) with the hot body, the occasional douche, the one you were too good for, and the flings in between. In time, I saw them come and go.

Now, I know it probably wasn’t easy introducing each one to your *weird younger brother.* Okay, maybe only slightly weirder. The apple can’t fall far from the tree.

Each time you brought over a guy, I got to see the way you would act around them. Not until you met your soon-to-be husband, was it that I saw you act completely yourself. When you are with him, you seem comfortable, protected, happy, and most importantly, yourself.

That is what truly matters.

You are two of the smartest humans I know – who fit together in such a natural way… and with much style and grace, might I add. I hope to emulate that one day.

The road to your dream husband was not simple. In fact, it was a crazy, wild, messy roller coaster… but I am so glad to have gotten the chance to sit alongside you at the front of the ride. There is genuinely no one more deserving of this happiness than you.

The connection you two share is eminent and everlasting.

As you get ready for your big day, take solace in the fact that all the details are in place, every table setting has been made, and every invitee has a seat. Now is the time to just live in the moment and enjoy your company. I am honored to stand beside you and celebrate your happiness with the man of your dreams.

Lastly, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past quarter century. Most of all, thank you for allowing me to genuinely say that I am proud to call your new husband my new older brother. You couldn’t have picked a *cooler guy.* Okay, he can’t be that cool, right? After all, he is marrying you of all people.

Love, forever and always, your little brother.