An Open Letter To My Future Husband: I Speak Out Of Passion And Service


Do you exist? Is it really true when people say there is someone out there for everyone?

Cambodian girl. Perfectly flawed. Delightfully Chaotic. A Nice Human Being. Love writing & reading. Photo, Film & Performing Arts lover. A good banter enthusiast. Find beauty in simple things. Enjoy wandering and exploring new places. Appreciate beach and nature. Mesmerized by acts of love. Charmed by Europe. In love with France.

By now, have you figured out all these about me without me telling you directly? I hope you observe, Husband. I keep telling my friends that it is not easy to be with me. And I stand by that – it is not easy to be with me. I am demanding and have high expectations. I expect my husband to love me. Now whatever comes with that love, I don’t know. Please do not do things for me out of obligations. I do not wish that you do something for me because you feel obliged to do so. I hope you do them out of your love for me. We all speak a different love language. Which love language do you speak?

I speak passion and act of service. It’s okay if you do not speak these love languages, let me know yours and I will learn how to speak yours. I will express my love using your love language (because I love you.) and would you do the same for me if your love language happens to be different from mine? Would you (at least) try to speak my love languages, Husband?

A relationship takes time to build on trust and communication.

I hope we are able to trust each other completely. I trust that you would be thoughtful towards me as I would be thoughtful towards you. I trust that you would not hurt me on purpose as I would never hurt you on purpose either. I trust that you keep my heart in a safe place and look after it as I would do the same for yours. I trust that you love me and will always be honest with me no matter how hard honesty can be sometimes as I would do the same for you. I hope that you are the type of person whom I can trust that much. Would you be that trustworthy?

I hope we can communicate well. I hope we will talk about anything that needs to be discussed or clarified. I hope we do not go to bed angry or keep a misunderstanding silent or hold grudges day by day. If one of us does something to piss another off, can we please tell each other, talk to each other and communicate to each other about it as it happens and never save it for later? until years later? I hope we always seek to understand each other and see things from both perspectives. I hope we both try. I know it is hard, but it’s not impossible if we both try.

I do not claim to know everything and I hope you do not either. I hope we both inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves for each other and for ourselves. I hope we grow as a couple as we spend more time together and learn about each other as an individual human being. Husband, I hope you never lose your individuality. I hope you will still pursue your hobbies and interests even after we are married. I would never stand in between you and what makes you happy because I want to see you happy always. And I hope you would want the same for me too. I hope you support my individuality. Despite that, I hope we are still able to build our couple identity – something that we both can identify with.

I know I would be proud to have you as my husband and I hope you are proud of being my husband too. I hope we both will thrive for success together and never leave the other one behind under any circumstances. I hope we will look out for each other and take care of each other and protect each other — because that’s what we do for love. I love you, Husband. And I mean it. I hope you mean it too when you say you love me.

When I break down and need comfort, I hope you would be there to hold me together, Husband because that is what I expect of you. And I figure that you would want to do that too because you love me. And do not worry, you can break down in front of me. Tell me if you need me to comfort you because I would always be there. That’s what we do — be there for each other. And if there comes a day that you do not care about me or does not feel hurt when you see me hurt anymore, there may be a possibility that you do not love me anymore. And I hope you let me know then because I do not want you to feel trapped. Husband, we can talk about anything. We can discuss and find solutions, if any. Adults talk.

Do you enjoy traveling, Husband? Because I do. I love the feeling traveling gives me. I hope to explore new places in the world with you, Husband, near or far. I want to share those experiences with you as we grow together.

I cannot wait to know how it feels like to hold your hand, to kiss you, to be wrapped in your arms and to be in the presence of your body heat cuddling in bed. I cannot wait to know how it feels like to be loved by you, Husband. I cannot wait to look into your eyes and could feel that you love me —the look that makes my heart melt and beats a little too fast. I cannot wait to see the smile on your face when you are truly happy.

Husband, I do not know if we get to meet soon or not, but in either case, I wish you the happiness in the world because I love you.

Your wife.

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