An Ode To The Scorpio Women


Scorpio women like me can be great actors. We can size up men within minutes of having conversation, or with one look from across the bar. We know exactly the kind of woman you want us to be after our name dances off your lips. And sometimes I give in and I play the game. Blame it on my loneliness, or boredom. Or maybe it’s my insatiable desire to see if there’s anything deeper lurking beneath that sweet smile. I can’t help it, the galaxy created me this way.

So, we can just blame it on the stars.

Maybe you want the funny girl who will laugh at all your jokes because your ex always said you had no sense of humor—I can do a great fake laugh. Sometimes you might want the nice girl with the big, toothy smile, because your last lover was “too opinionated”—I’ve had tons of dental work done. Or maybe you want the sporty girl or the smart girl, the silly girl, or the quiet one.

My point is I can play this game just as well as you can, and you don’t even know I’m playing it.

But I’ll be what you need me to be for the night or for the conversation, even though it burns me inside. But we both know if the real me surfaced immediately, you wouldn’t be able to handle the crooked, cracked, beautiful pieces that encompass my soul.

The soul of a stubborn woman who could halt the roaring tides, surging chaos from her core to hide away an imbedded pain. A woman with an electric gaze that could unhinge the human form, exuding passionate magnetism that refuses to be ignored.

Scorpio women have mystery coursing through their hot blood, just barely bubbling above the surface.

We are part goddess, and all parts of the earth, radiating a sensual aura. We play in the crashing waves that envelope the shores. We cannot be defined by one adverb alone, especially one with a basic definition.

See, the truth is I am a woman who really has no room for surface level interactions in the long run. I want to rip open the outer flesh and see a real man. A man who doesn’t fear real intimacy or his own emotions beating from his chest. I want challenge and exploration. I want to intertwine our broken and our ugly and create something magical. Loyalty is stitched into my bones, and if you can show me yours & celebrate mine—you’ll have a partner in me for life.

I am passionate and unruly, feral and adventurous. And if I love you it means every molecule of your DNA intrigues me to no end.

But most of you will just call me nice—and I’ll giggle. Or you’ll say I’m cute and I’ll smile.

And my real energy will be spent on my passions and on the people who elevate my soul & know how to manage the depths of a Scorpio woman.

So maybe you’ve met the real me, but probably not. I’m really good at hiding her—after all I am a Scorpio.