Always And Forever


He is the sunrise;
She is the moonlight.
He stays like summer;
She devastates like a storm.

She likes it cold;
He prefers it warm.
Both of them distant;
Both of them armed.

He exists with a zestful life;
She lives for 9 to 5.
He is the morning light;
She is the darkness of the night.

She believes in love at first sight;
He thinks it couldn’t be right.
But their paths crossed that night,
And suddenly, a different course of flight.

He was skeptical before her,
She never really cared.
But fate played its share,
Gave them love, an answered prayer.

She falls deeper,
He catches her every time.
He loves her bigger,
She lives her life redefined.

She believes in 11:11 wishes,
He gives in to her whims and caprices.
He spoils her like a princess,
And she gives him all her kisses.

She is the words to his song,
He is the music of her soul.
When they found each other,
Nothing can make them bothered.

Life has more meaning,
It gives a wonderful feeling.
He sees everything with purpose,
She gives support in multiple doses.

He noticed all the changes,
She does her best to be better.
She wants him in all the pages,
He loves her through every chapter.

She sometimes get too scared,
He holds her hand with all his care.
She loves focusing on him;
He enjoys her every stare.

He adores everything about her,
She rejoices for having him.
Every day, it grows deeper,
The love they have for each other.

He promises forever,
She gives him her always.
To love each other, from now till forever.
They know for sure,
They will end up together.
In the most perfect place,
Right beside each other,
Always and forever,
He and she, together.