Alternate Titles For Billboard Charts


Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart has gone by a variety of questionable names including, “The Harlem Hit Parade” (1942-1945), “Race Records” (1945-1949), and “Hot Black Singles” (not a Craigslist ad – 1982-1990).

Here’s what I imagine other categories were originally titled:

Hot Country Songs

Rockabilly Redneck Tunes

Farmin’ Songs for Y’all

The ‘Bama Blues

Smooth Jazz Songs

The Weird One with the Black People

Skit Skat Songs

Elevator Music

Canadian Hot 100

Good Songs, Eh?

Maple Syrup Rock

Songs to Sing After Hockey Games

Hot Ringtones

Calculator Music

Walkman Music

Video Game Music

Hot Latin Songs

This Reminds Us of Ricky Ricardo

This Reminds Us of Julio Iglesias

Immigrant Songs

Hot Dance Club Songs

Ecstasy Earworms

Leg Movers

Kids These Days

Alternative Songs

Organic Records

Boring Songs

Jingles for Broke People

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image – Erin Lang Norris