(Almost) 15 Things To Consider About The Film ‘Almost Famous’


Having recently attended a screening of this film at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, sitting back in the dark comfort of attending the cult classic brought a few things to light…

1. Never underestimate the pulse of a story driven by a love triangle. 

2. Is Penny Lane, Kate Hudson or is Kate Hudson in fact Penny Lane?

3. If this movie were made today it would have a Stillwater soundtrack, which we would all make number one on iTunes. Move over Frozen! 

4. Whether it’s 1974 or 2014 a good mustache gains the respect of any audience.

5. Nothing beats a good house party, even if you’re a rock star.

6. People love coming of age schhhhhtuff.

7. Speaking of age, why is it something everyone lies about? When we’re young we round up, and as we age we play down.

8. A band tour bus has and will always be the epitome of cool.

9. There is a difference between a groupie and a band-aid. 

10. Planes, buses, cars and shoes. Why did all modes of transportation look cooler in the 70’s? 

11. Life before cell phones involved a lot of random people shouting names and locations of where to find other people at.

12. No one has your best interest in mind more than your mom.

13. Having an alias to go by makes life much much much more interesting. Find a good fake one to go by.

14. What is there to love about a movie about music? As Russell says in the final scene when asked what he loves about music, “To begin with, everything.”