All The Ways Cheating Changes Us And How To Get Over It


Cheating is the worst possible thing one human being can do to another. Whether you are simply “dating” someone or if you are in a committed relationship, it is never, ever okay. It ruins trust and that person’s outlook on relationships all together. So if you are the type of person that cheats, or has cheated in the past, you are a terrible human being and I do not feel sorry for writing that, and I hope that someone important to you has said those exact words to your face. And if you are the person that has been cheated on by someone, I promise you, you will be okay.

You may not be okay today, or tomorrow, but eventually with the help of time and your friends and copious amounts of chocolate, you will feel yourself healing. You will have friends smothering you with love and support, and some days that may not feel like enough, but they
mean well and they love you so be patient with them.

No one will ever understand the exact pain that you’re going through, though some will say that they totally get it and can help you, and do remember that some of them have felt something very similar, but your feelings are uniquely your own. Being cheated on is unfortunately a universal action that more than enough of us have suffered from. And I will never claim to understand what you are going through, but I know how it felt when I went through it.

When the person that I dedicated myself to for so long, decided that he wanted to find a connection with someone else, while failing to mention that to me, I had no idea what I had done wrong or how someone could be so cruel and heartless. Finding out after having a random number text me screen shots between her and my boyfriend was like a kick to chest. I had no idea what to think, but he didn’t deny it after I brought it up. He told me that he had no idea how to tell me that he felt stuck in our relationship, and that the comfortable feeling was not
something that he enjoyed anymore.

Maybe it would have hurt less has he told me that he didn’t want to be with me anymore
instead of going behind my back and being with someone else in a way that was meant for me.
But, that’s how life is sometimes. Sometimes it’s cruel to us and never lets us prepare ourselves for the storms that are coming. You feel lost and confused and worst of all, you have that feeling of not being good enough. That is the lasting effect, no matter how many people tell you how awesome you are or how smart or how pretty, you will always feel like you are not enough for anyone or anything – and that is the part that stings long after the incident has passed. It changes you right down to who you are as a person, and that sucks.

Despite all of this, though, there are some positive ways to spin this heartbreak. You can reinvent yourself; you can go on a self-journey where you get to rediscover the small things that make you happy and embrace them to the fullest, with nothing holding you back. You can fully feel the awesome impact of one door closing and another one opening. And that next door that opens could be a door with a brighter light inside and a kinder heart.