All The Times I Tweeted “CATCH ME IN THE CLUB (INSERT BLANK)” In 2013 (So Far)


Twitter as a medium can be severely flawed, as Jonathan Franzen, among others, has made quite clear in some of our venerable institutions of journalism. Sometimes though, much like Oscar Wilde’s aphorisms or Benjamin Franklin’s advice in “Common Sense,” limitations on text allow small bits and pieces of knowledge to be delivered and absorbed almost unconsciously by its readers.

I’m not trying to compare myself to those guys, but my favorite tweets (and my favorite authors) manage to combine aspects of the eternal and the mundane in ways that seem new and fresh and remind me of my own limitations and ways I (and humans in general) can try to overcome them. And isn’t that (sort of) what art is?

Some of my other favorite tweets are just rap lyrics mashed up with other parts of contemporary culture. To that end, here is a series of tweets I’ve made over the course of 2013 that (hopefully) combine aspects of the two things I just mentioned. They’re not going to last eternal like Wilde’s and Franklin’s words, but maybe they’ll make you smile or pop open Wikipedia to see what the heck I’m talking about.