A Spotify Playlist Meant For Screaming



When words lose their meaning. A lyric just 1:05 into the opening track of this collection of songs: in ‘Sweetness’ by Jimmy Eat World. A moment that screams about the meaning of this playlist.

When the alphabet we have trapped in our heads needs to get out into world, screaming has its place. Often perceived with a negative connotation, screaming has many positives. It exists to release emotion, and emotions don’t have to be bad.

Sex, heartbreak, anger, fear, happiness, excitement, falling in love, and boredom – just a few of the catalysts to a scream. At the same time, music is the perfect place to release those emotions.

There is a line 2010 film Beginners (if you haven’t watched, you should) “When you feel bad, you go into a room and scream — loud as you want, for a minute or two, then it’s out of you. It’s called catharsis.”

In the 70s, Arthur Janov rose to fame with his Primal Therapy technique, proving that screaming is good for us not only emotionally, but physically “When the pain is too much, it is repressed and stored away. When enough unresolved pain has occurred, we lose access to your feelings and become neurotic.”

And a lot time before us, it was the animals doing the screaming as a mating call. Screaming is natural.

But if you don’t have the space to do it, I can recommend that biting into your pillow, volume turned up, still does the trick.

This playlist will awaken your primal voice and help you release. And I owe a lot of it to my old pal James who I used to scream with. Friends, find your scream, and don’t be scared. Find the scream that flips you from horizontal to vertical. Find the song that makes you feel that it is all you can do.

And enjoy it, Loudly.

[protected-iframe id=”d412dd99636314515a5f962f1c92f45c-7369149-98169274″ info=”https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/2GF20RAYgZdBrhQuCCebh3″ width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″]