A Reminder That You Are So Much More Than A Number


Living in the world of likes, followers, Snapchat streaks and subscribers is exhausting. The world is telling us we are defined by how popular we are, how many hits we have or people like our latest Instagram post.

Living in the world of crucial exams, jobs, grades, and salaries is exhausting. The world is telling us we are defined by the grade we got on a test, how much money we make or what kind of status we achieve by having a certain job.

Living in this world is exhausting, it’s as simple as that.

We are constantly told that our worth is determined by numbers on a scale, on a test, on a post or following a dollar sign. We are so belittled and dehumanized to this number that we believe it. We place our valuable time in improving these things because we desire to feel that we are worthy of attention or love.

I was one of these people. Well, I am one of these people. I worked hard in all of my classes, spending late nights and early morning studying so that I could get the grade that would make my parents proud of me. I spent way too much time adding the perfect amount of filters and inventing a creative Instagram caption so that I would receive more likes on my posts. I threw myself into my work so that I would earn a promotion to ultimately feel like I was good at my job.

I believed my value was determined by these factors until I was sitting in class one day, furiously taking down notes to prepare for an exam. This was not just a regular class. This class was the epitome of hard classes. I spent most of my spare time in my professor’s office trying to comprehend information that everyone else seemed to understand. As I prepared for my first exam, my professor sat me down and told me that even if I fail this test and every test from here on out, I am still valuable. He said that no matter the number in front of the percentage point, I was in no way less of a person that is full of potential, greatness, and worth.

Every time I take a hard exam, or spend way too much time at work I have learned to remind myself of what he said. I am not just a series of numbers. I am not belittled to any worldly identity that society categorizes me into and I can’t allow myself to be.

I have value.

I have a future full of potential.

I have unique skills and abilities that do not always aline with what is asked of me.

I am intelligent and capable of great things.

I am kind and loved.

I am worthy of knowing that in my head and in my heart, and you are too.