A Plane Ticket To The Unknown


A plane ticket
to an unknown country.

Two suitcases too heavy
for only one girl to carry.

A heart
beating so fast.

Excitement, fear, optimism.

First hangovers, empty bottles of wine, hurtful words,
first tears.

Pushing to feel better, to find happiness,
to settle down.

New hands, new eyes,
beginnings of lifelong friendships.

A boy and a girl, one party
and an innocent kiss that developed
into simple love.

First times, learning how
to fit someone else in your life.

and heartbreak. Off the rails. Lost.

Trying to smile again
to trust again to love again.

Mistakes, acceptance, youth,reckless, uncertainty.

A new pair
of green eyes. A bag full of laughters.

Trusting again, falling again, being incautious.

Another stop sign, another heartbreak.

Loving friends, festivals
and glitter.

Time to say goodbye, memories,
newly packed suitcases, heavier than they were when it all started.

One last hug, one last kiss, one last tear,
promises to keep in touch.

Two suitcases too heavy
for only one girl to carry.

A plane ticket back home.