A Love Letter To The Women Who Stuck Around


When you grow up with only a father, there are some barriers that your life contains. While fathers are just as amazing as mothers, there is something special about having a woman to come with you to go shopping, to have girl talks with, and of course to complain about relationships with when you’re a young lady.

Well, thankfully, even without a mom, I had some incredible volunteers to help me. Between my nannies, my aunts, my sister, my boyfriend’s mom, and friends’ moms, I was all set to rule the world, and with their support, that is exactly what I did.

I cannot thank these women enough. Their advice, encouragement, and engagement made me the woman I am today. I strive to be like them and their example of openness. Not everyone is able to open their arms to someone and love them like a daughter when she isn’t. That’s okay, but it sure is nice to find the people that can. It’s amazing to have someone open their arms to you and say, “You’re safe with me.” So, this is a letter of thank you to the women that stuck around.

To my nannies: To say they are incredible would be an understatement. I am lucky enough to have two women that are always by my side. They remind me that I am worthy and loved. That I am the woman I am because of the past, not in spite of it. They tell me I’m too good for that boy, too smart for that friendship, and too brave to settle. They tell me that I look beautiful, how I’ve lost five pounds and should keep it up, then give me cookies and tea. They are the best women ever, and without them I would not be me.

To my aunts: I have a bunch, and they are magnificent. They are present and there. They are the real moms in my life because they scold me, encourage me, and treat me like their daughter. They saw me come into this world, they watched me grow, and to them I am a part of them. The fact that they were always there for everything means that they are always going to be there, and the reassurance of that is indescribable.

To my sister: Well, she is my hero. She endured the same struggles as me but is still wise enough to guide me through life. She is always beside me. We fight like mother and daughter half the time and then love like sisters the rest of the time. My sister is a third of the pie that is my siblings, and I know that God gave me her. When you have someone that totally understands your past, you connect in a way that cannot be described by anything less than the word “breathtaking”. To me, my sister is breathtaking.

My boyfriend’s and friends’ moms: Throughout the years, I have met some truly miraculous women. They are the true definition of strength. It takes true devotion to love someone you don’t have to. I was always welcome over to chat; they were the first to give advice and never failed to remind me that I am loved and worthy of being loved. They call me sweetheart and tell me that I deserve the world. They make me feel so special because they picked me, and that means the world.

These women are the true heroes of my life. They are encouraging, inviting, and loving. They push me to be better, and I will be forever thankful for the women that didn’t have to stick around.