a list of reasons why you might find your roommate annoying


because they have an annoying face

because they’re not excited about the next season of game of thrones

because they never leave the apartment

because they have an annoying laugh

because they went to a college that you couldn’t get into

because they only do some of the dishes and not all of them

because they’ve been to hawaii and you haven’t been to hawaii yet

because they never take out the trash

because they seem like the type of person who enjoyed high school and you hated high school like a normal person is supposed to

because they’re always making weird noises in their room

because they call you even though you’ve told them more than once that you hate phone calls

because they’ve never read your favorite novel of all time

because they know all the choreography to ‘thriller’ by michael jackson and you still haven’t gotten around to learning it

because you’re a grammar nazi and their texts to you are riddled with spelling errors

because they had no reaction while watching the red wedding episode of game of thrones

because they’re messy

because they take long showers

because they never pay rent on time

because they were born in a different galaxy and you were only born in this galaxy

because you just find something about them annoying and can’t figure out why

image – Friends