A List Of Opinions Every Woman Has Heard (In No Particular Order)


You look better with no makeup on.

You look better with red lipstick.

Are you sick today?

Why are you angry?

You’re such a bore.

Why are you wearing that?

You’re pretty.

Like, really pretty.

Can you wear a dress?

You’re good eye candy.

Why don’t you wear more girly colors?

You shouldn’t be wearing that.

I rather, you wear nothing.

You’d look better if you just sat there and smiled.

Or better yet, with my arms around your waist.

But you’re too pretty not to have a boyfriend.

Can you come over?

What are you wearing?

*dick pic*

You’re so extreme.

Don’t say you don’t want kids.

You don’t want to be too old if you have kids.

You should get married.

You don’t strike me as the type to have tattoos

You should cut your hair.

Why did you cut your hair?

I like that style on you better.

I didn’t think you’d know so much.

You shouldn’t eat that.

You should eat more.

Wow, you eat so much.

That’s interesting.

I like you in heels.

We look good together.

Just say yes.

That’s too short.

That’s too long.

Wear more color.

That’s too much color.

You should date him.

Don’t date him.

Why are you single?

You should give dating a break.

What are you?

Don’t sleep with him.

You’re so uptight.

Have some fun.

You’re so serious.




Hi, doll face.

Can you wear that for me?

Be nice.

You should know how to cook.

Cook for me.

Don’t say you don’t want to get married.

Nice lips.

Why aren’t you replying to my DM’s?

If you focus too much on yourself you’re never going to meet someone.

You up?

Hey… you.

I chose you, you should be glad.


But your opinion isn’t needed.

Not today.

Not ever.