A Letter To The Woman Who Took My Place


To the one that came after me,

If you’ve gotten him, then congratulations—it means he’s let you in (which is rare, so please cherish it). If you can call him yours, that means he’s over me and us and all that comes with that. But if he can call you his, it means he truly loves you, and for that I am painfully jealous. To be loved by him is nothing short of a blessing, so don’t ever forget it. If you can be each other’s, just know that you are about to embark on the love of a lifetime with the one I will love for the rest of my life.

If you’re lucky enough to love him, then you’re lucky enough. He’s a beautiful human with a relentless heart and gorgeous soul. He’s a hard working man with an amazing sense of humor and protective nature. He’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of but didn’t know you could have.

When you’re with him, I hope you count every freckle on his face and soak in every sparkle in his eyes.

When you’re with him, I hope you cherish how he can make you feel so safe yet free, like you’re flying yet unbelievably grounded.

When you go to bed at night, I hope you give him his side of the bed, and I hope you love the way he snores and talks in his sleep.

When you’re out to eat, I hope you don’t make him try new things or force him to eat his vegetables.

When you’re picking out a movie, I hope it’s not a scary one, because he hates those.

When you kiss him, I hope you soak it in and kiss him the way I wish I could and crave daily.

When he talks about cars, I hope you genuinely listen, and I hope you let him teach you a thing or two.

When you meet his family, love them and be kind—they’re amazing people.

When he gets vulnerable, hold him tight and love him even harder.

When he tears up to his favorite song, I hope you can close your eyes and be in that moment with him.

When he holds your hand, I hope you squeeze it tight.

When he laughs, I hope you laugh too and enjoy the sounds of his silly giggles.

When he tells you that he loves you, I hope you know what that means, and I hope you love him back fiercely and unapologetically.

Most importantly, I hope you never have to feel what it’s like to lose him.


The one who wishes she was you