A Letter To The Downhearted


How often we squash and squeeze ourselves to fit in this unforgiving world. And often, we gift wrap our appearances to present ourselves as acceptable substances. How we concrete our soft core so that we don’t get hurt. But underneath all our pretenses is how we really are – this terribly fragile piece of porcelain beneath the cement hard veneer.

We are afraid of our differences. We’re afraid of our flaws. We’re afraid of ourselves. We’re afraid of being ourselves.

Why are we afraid to show the world what we really are? Or are we afraid at all? Everybody wants reach that summit called perfection, but perfection isn’t a summit at all, it’s a rainbow. No matter how much we chase it, it will only seem farther and farther away. Perfection cannot exist, there is always friction.

But we’re only trying to protect ourselves from the ruthless actuality of life, because after all, underneath all our pretenses, we’re only a bone china saucer and the slightest mishandle could break us into a million little pieces.

As we move along in life we are scattering these little broken pieces of ourselves everywhere, handing some part of us to people we meet, dropping them at places we go. Sometimes people throw the pieces away and sometimes they forget where they placed it. But sometimes they keep it in their pockets, eyeing it again and again until it imprints on their mind. And still, it remains with them forever.

And such are the people – who forever preserve every piece, every memory of you – who you should choose above everybody else. Choose to love them, choose to protect them and choose to stand by them. Choose to drop your guard and be yourself with them. And although you might get hurt or go through heartbreak, it’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while.

But love yourself no matter what. Love yourself above all others because you are alone. You came into this world alone and you’re leaving alone, so you might as well live for yourself. Don’t burn yourself to keep others warm.

And above all, be hopeful. Because against all the insurmountable odds, there’s still hope.

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