A Letter To The Artists And The Admirers


To the artists. The amazing people who bring forth pure creation and beauty in the world. The creators of movement who light up and move gracefully, drawing patterns in the dark sky as I imagine God did when He laid constellations for dreamers to gaze upon. Ones whose passions burn, graceful yet fiery as they spin siren silhouettes around them. The architects of melody, who lay the foundation for our souls to soar at heights among the skyscrapers. Those who create sound to transport us in one moment to our trove of memories, who bring us on a journey to feel every step our hearts have taken. The collectors of thought who manifest a parallel reality. Ones who simultaneously write a new common experience uniquely, but for many. Words on a page that bring us someplace far, far away, yet at times, deep, deep inside. The capturers of color, depth, and layered moments; creators of images who awaken our senses using only our sight. Showing us mirrors of ourselves as those who exist in a complex world, while showing us the captured permanence of a passing moment. From their minds, their bodies, they create patterns and melodies for us to see and hear. The selfless offering of their hearts manifesting in the space around them, traveling towards us, enveloping us, cradling us, lifting us, bonding us. How does one move amongst this and not be grateful to be alive?

To the admirers. What a gift it is to be alive. To be amongst them, to witness what humans can make with their pain and their joy. The form our spirits take outside of our bodies. The way a single thought moves into a succession of sounds or a compilation of shapes which now live tangibly in the universe as something from nothing. The way the fragmented pieces of our lived-in hearts, the ones that fell away as they moved through life with us, can find it. The way when they meet, they touch. They embrace, dancing into the other’s nooks and crannies, folding into one another’s cracks. They move and mold, so they coalesce. And when the pieces return home, they return fuller. The way we, as admirers, can receive this gift and take it with us in our lives, changed. Perhaps changed just a small, unidentifiable amount, but changed nonetheless. Carrying it with us in a soul that has been moved, and when a soul is moved, it creates. Creates love to be felt, compassion to be given, curiosity to be explored, and joy to be shared. Creates the answers to what the meaning of each day, each year, each lifetime could be.

What a blessing it is to be connected in this way. The givers and the receivers, receiving and giving.