A Letter To My Teenage Self


You are beautiful. So many people have said these words to you but sometimes you still choose to believe your inner demons. That voice inside you that emphasizes any imperfections and insecurities you have buried within. When you echo these words, others can’t believe that they describe the person standing in front of them, and yet they hold the greatest power over you.

Stop using the mirror as a judgmental reflection of your beauty. It is meant to reflect your loving features, not to strip you down of any self-confidence you once had. You may struggle to believe that your hair color is the perfect shade and your plump lips are attractive, but in time those will be some of your favorite parts of you.

There will be a day when you embrace your pale skin, and stop wishing away those curves. You’ll be grateful for your smaller chest and imperfect frame that you always attempted to mask with larger cup sizes and expensive clothes. You’ll realize that no amount of tanning lotions and creams will make you love your skin more, nor will altering the shape of your body. The layers of mascara you keep applying to your eyes and the polish you paint on your nails only enhances your outer surface, it does not make-up your beauty.

It is okay to play with hair clips and lipstick, and to fill your closet with pretty dresses and strappy heels. It is okay to express yourself with big chunky earrings and leather belts, or to experiment with winged eyeliner and colorful shadows. It is okay to not feel your prettiest some days and want to hide behind cosmetics and baggy clothes. It is okay to have moments when you feel like covering your face with oversized sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

It is okay to not feel beautiful all the time, but just know that your future self is crazy about you. In fifteen years you will look at yourself in the mirror with envy, with a newfound confidence that you never thought you would have during your uncomfortable teenage years. The awkward little fourteen-year-old you will grow to be just the right height, with a figure that you are proud of, and an attitude that others admire. Your eyes will begin to see what others have seen in you all along, and you will begin to view yourself with acceptance, grace and awe, and that is beautiful.