A Letter To My Little Sister On Her First Day Of Middle School


Hey Sis,

So you start Middle School today…and that is crazy because it feels like a week ago, I was sitting in 6th grade science class waiting for mom to call my Tracfone and tell me that you were born.

I am so sad that I can’t be there for your first day because I would love nothing more than to take you from class to class and show you where you’re going. But the truth is, you don’t need me to do that. You are brave and smart and you will figure this out on your own. You know where you are going and when you get lost, you will find your way.

If I was there to walk you around Northley Middle School, I would show you all of the amazing places there are to explore. I would take you to my favorite spot in the library (hint: it’s right near the biographies). I would show you the spot in the auditorium where I used to hide after school and do homework. I would show you the good table in the cafeteria, so that you don’t wind up sitting alone on your first day.

Things were really different when I was 11, so I know you won’t have the exact same experience that I did, but I hope that you enjoy these next three years more than I ever did.

Now as your big sis, I am going to offer you some of the sage advice that I have honed in the 12 years since I started middle school. (yikes, typing that made me feel old)

  1. Don’t stop being friends with the people that you care about, just because they may not be cool anymore. – Seriously. Don’t. It’s a jerk move and I did it to a lot of people and it always came back to bite me.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make new friends. – You’re awesome and super fun to be around and I know that so many people are going to want to be around you.
  3. Sit down to eat with the kid that is eating alone. – You are a natural leader. You have the potential to make someone’s whole day better with a smile or a polite gesture. Other people will follow suit.
  4. Don’t eat the tuna salad.– This one, I just need you to trust me on.
  5. Never forget your gym clothes. – Mom isn’t going to bring them to you and it makes swim class really awkward.
  6. Don’t judge yourself by what your friends are going through. – Forgive me for being gross, but puberty hits everyone differently and your body knows what to do at the right time. Enjoy being a kid as long as you possibly can
  7. Raise your hand in class. – It doesn’t make you a nerd. It proves that you’re learning something and it helps you to better understand the material.
  8. Use your voice. – What’s popular is not always right, and what’s right is not always popular. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you see someone being picked on, stand up to the bully. And don’t be a mean girl. Gossip never made anyone feel better in the long run.
  9. Pack your lunch sometimes. – It’s honestly way healthier, and you don’t have to wait in line to eat. Also it saves mom a ton of money.
  10. Get involved. –Join a sports team, or a club. Tryout for something new and exciting. You may find something you love. Go to the dances. You’ll look back on the pictures with fond memories
  11. Don’t wear skirts without shorts underneath. – I love that you are active and always running around, so it just helps to be prepared.
  12. Keep your locker organized. – When you’re ten minutes late and running to math class, this will always help.
  13. Your first crush isn’t going to be your last. – Don’t let boys, (or girls for that matter) treat you poorly or pick on you. Don’t let anyone break your heart. You are too young to do anything serious. (Besides boys get way cuter in high school)
  14. Wear Deodorant and a Bra. – I’m sorry but you’re growing up and society says you have to.
  15. Be kind. Treat people well. – You might be someone’s only “Hello” that day.
  16. Wear pants in science and shop class. – It’s for safety and you’ll be able to do more hands on work.
  17. Don’t change who you are for anyone. – You are an amazing friend and sister and you shouldn’t let a quest for popularity change that. Peer Pressure isn’t just a made up concept from the 80’s. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.
  18. Don’t get involved in drama. – Keep your head above the water and no one will be able to pull you back down.
  19. Boys and girls can totally be friends. – You will fight this battle your whole life, but my best guy friends will always be there for me.
  20. Don’t be afraid to fail. – I love you no matter what and I will always have your back

Okay, you can call me with any other questions that you have. I promise to always answer the phone.

You’re amazing and you are going to love middle school.

Good Luck!

Your Big Sis