A Letter To My Girlfriend Who Allows Me To Sleep With Other Women


Hey Honey,

I know I should tell you this in private, but I want everyone to know that you are the best girlfriend in the world. I love you and I love the way you support me, no matter what crazy plans I come up with. You supported me when I was broker than Donald Duck, you supported me when I quit my job, and you even supported me when I came up with the idea to start a controversial business.

Please don’t ever think that I take you for granted. I know that a lot of girls wouldn’t be together with me because of the business I am in, and I also know that a lot of women wouldn’t want to share the bed with a guy who teaches men the art of seduction.

Do you remember what you said when I told you about my business plans? I remember every single word. At first I was scared to even tell you about my plans because I assumed you wouldn’t react in a positive way. Even though I was scared I wanted to be honest with you. The moment I finally told you about my plans to start a dating website, you just smiled at me and said “do it.” Those two words were enough to blow me away.

All the love and support you give me are already enough to give you an award for being the best girlfriend in the world, but there is one thing that distinguishes you from all the other women I have ever met. You are the first girl I have been together with who told me that it is OK if I want to sleep with other women without saying it in a contemptuous tone.

The moment you looked me in the eyes and told me that you love me while you give me all the freedom in the world, I knew that I finally found the person who loves me unconditionally. You know that I can distinguish between love and sex, and you are so sure that I love you that you don’t see the need to become jealous on a physical level. You know that my heart will always belong to you.

You can’t even imagine how much I respect you for giving me this freedom and I don’t say this from a selfish perspective. It is not even the fact that I can sleep with other women that makes me so happy. It is assumed that about 50% of all men cheat and I am pretty sure that this number would be a lot higher if there wouldn’t be so many men who never admit that they cheated on their partner.

Even if you wouldn’t allow it, I could have sex with other women without you finding it out. Many men do this but is this really the magic bullet for a happy relationship that combines love and sexual variation? No, it only causes misery and a guilty conscience. It is not the fact that I can theoretically sleep with other women whenever I want that makes me so proud to have you as my girlfriend.

What makes me so incredibly happy whenever I look into your eyes is the fact that you give me a form of freedom that I have never felt in any other relationship. You give me this freedom no matter what the people around us think about it. Whenever they try to convince us that we don’t have a normal relationship, our love becomes even stronger.

I admire and respect you for giving me more freedom than I could wish for. It is exactly this freedom that makes me want to say:

“I am ready to commit to you.”