A Letter To My Future Husband’s Wife


I hope you stay selective and guard your heart, but I also hope that you never lose the courage to love. It is important to stay warm.

Some nights you will go to sleep crying and some days you will feel alone. But at the end of it all, be the kind of woman you can be. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

I hope that you are never afraid to stay home on Friday nights. I hope that sometimes when the girls are pre-gaming the bars, you will give yourself permission to stay home and read your book the way I know you want to.

Be grateful for your friends and family. Never let yourself take them for granted. Most people do not know their life’s plot, but you have been given one hell of a cast. Tell your sister she is still your hero. Love your friends, call your mom every day, and hug your dad.

Stop being embarrassed that you cry during Nicholas Sparks’s movies and whenever you listen to “Proud to Be An American.” Your heart is soft; allow it to be.

Work your ass off. Remember that you are the product of hardworking people and if you stay on top of things, you can pass that along.

Your parents taught you to honor truth above all things. They taught you the difference between right and wrong. So I couldn’t care less what he did or what she did—they might not have known better. You do. So no excuses; be the person you say you are.

Most importantly, choose kindness. Understand that does not mean you have to be a pushover or the one that people call a sweetheart. But think twice, hold your tongue, and stay true to your good intentions.