A Letter To Every Guy (And The One Girl) I’ve Slept With


1. You raped me in a dirty apartment while our “friends” listened. You were my sister’s boyfriend and told everyone I came onto you. I’ve forgiven you, but I hate you. You’ve shaped every relationship I’ve had since I was 15.

2. I slept with you a week after you heard what a “slut” I was. You were my sister’s ex-boyfriend who got high with me and then fucked me until I forgot the constant pain I was in. I appreciate you for it, but have no desire to speak to you ever again.

3. I slept with you the same night I slept with #2. You were my summer (and fall) boyfriend, though, not just a casual fuck. I still love you.

4. I invited you over so I wouldn’t feel alone; you guilt tripped me into having sex. I haven’t spoken to you since that night.

5. We fucked in the backseat of your truck when we were 16 and it was awful. You once told me that I would be hot if I lost weight. I’ve never forgiven you for the way you treated me.

6. We dated for two weeks before you told me you loved me. Two weeks after we fucked you were dating someone else. You disgusted me then and you really disgust me now.

7. We were best friends in high school. You really didn’t know what you were doing while fucking me, but you helped me feel desirable again. I love that we will always be friends.

8. We grew up together and “dated” long distance until I decided I didn’t want to anymore. We had mediocre sex and you made fun of me afterwards.

9. You were more than twice my age but God, did I love you. You made me feel and do things I hadn’t wanted to do with anyone before. You told my sister that you loved me, but you wished I were skinnier. I can never forgive you.

10. The one time you were able to get hard, you fucked me for 30 seconds before you came. I haven’t been able to look at you without laughing since.

11. You were the first (and so far only) girl I slept with. I was nervous and afraid and you respected my fear. You took your time showing me how great it would be. You then tossed me to the side for someone else. We haven’t spoken in years.

12. We had electric sex while your parents were downstairs. I embarrassed you and you were sad that we had different skin colors. You left me crying on a porch for hours and then begged me to wait on you. I haven’t heard from you since.

13. You were #12’s best friend. We had our fun and could have been together if we hadn’t had so much drama within our group of friends. I still think of you from time to time when I’m masturbating.

14. You were my brother-in-law’s friend, visiting for his birthday weekend. You made me feel incredibly beautiful and helped me over painful experience. The morning after, when I rolled over and cuddled, you pulled away and left.

15. You were my other brother-in-law’s friend. You had no idea what you were doing and I never bothered to correct you. We dated for a few months until you told me you had been seeing someone else all along. We’ve managed to become friends again.

16. We met on Tinder. We went on a nice date, we got drunk, and you fucked me harder than I had been fucked in years. You told me you were interested in being with me and never called or texted me again. I learned a lot from you.

17. I have known you almost my entire life. You had no idea what you were doing but I threw you a bone and faked it. We are still best friends and I couldn’t love you more.