A Few Reasons Why You Need To Apologize To Yourself


Why is it when we hurt someone and we feel guilt we immediately think to apologize to that person. We feel so bad that’s all that we are thinking about and that’s all we worry about. We try to mend things, to fix things to the best of our abilities. We improve ourselves or compromise so we don’t make the same mistake again. But when we are hurting we don’t care to ask why we are, what is going on, and how we can help ourselves. This alone shows us how much we owe ourselves an apology.

So apologize to yourself:

For all of the times you let yourself down. You didn’t reach your goals and dreams because you didn’t push yourself enough. You have goals but you haven’t acted upon them. Say sorry to yourself for not supporting yourself.

For all the times you let someone hurt you and you didn’t stand up for yourself. They used you and took advantage of you and you let them. They tore your precious heart into pieces and you still held on. Say sorry to yourself for choosing the pain.

For all the times you lied to yourself. You lied to yourself that you were okay and you weren’t. You lied to yourself about them by making excuses upon excuses for other people’s behaviors. Say sorry to yourself for stabbing your back.

For all the times you didn’t trust yourself. You didn’t trust yourself to get things done. You didn’t trust yourself to commit. You didn’t trust yourself to take the leap. Say sorry to yourself for underestimating yourself.

For all the times you disrespected yourself. You let people walk over you and tell you what to do. You let people decide what you do and don’t deserve. You let people tell you what you’re worth as if they put work in you. Say sorry to yourself for letting people disrespect you.

For all the times you were hard on yourself. You made excuses for everyone else but blamed yourself to no end. You let your situation control you and how you perceived yourself. Say sorry to yourself for all the fingers you pointed towards you.

Apologize for not choosing yourself over and over again. You needed yourself the most but you kept seeking other people. You needed you to commit to yourself but you stayed distracted. You needed you to support yourself but you kept criticizing yourself. You needed you to choose happiness for yourself but you chose everything else especially choosing to believe you didn’t deserve such a thing.

Oh, but you’re only human. Now forgive yourself. Make a promise to love, to take care of, and to choose happiness for yourself. every. single. day.