A Busy Girl’s 5-Step Guide To Staying Pretty


Working a 9-5 desk job, raising kids, and running errands can be quite hectic, especially when you try to squeeze in reading a chapter of your favorite novel between wiping baby’s spaghetti mess and changing her diaper. That’s why knowing there are shortcuts to staying put together is nothing short of miraculous. Here are a few beauty tips to keep in mind if your schedule resembles that of a multimillion-dollar company’s CEO.

1. Hair

Avoid frizzy hair by leaving it slightly damp and braided before you sleep. You’ll wake up to beautiful natural beach waves in the morning.

2. Skin

Moisturizing before going to bed lets the lotion sit in and work its magic throughout the night. Not all of us our born with year-round baby-smooth skin.

3. Eyes

Make sure you remove your makeup before calling it a night. Not only will it smear all over your pillows as you toss and turn, it will give you raccoon eyes by morning. We understand you’re busy and tired but at that point, cleaning up the mess will take longer than it would have taken the night before. Tired? Tipsy? Lazy? It’s no excuse, as it’ll only take you a few minutes.

4. Brows

For those of you with light, uneven eyebrows, coloring them in can be a hassle every morning. When you’re in a hurry, try using clear mascara to shape them. This also helps keep those annoying stray hairs in place.

5. Lips

According to Fitness’ A Busy Girl’s Guide to Beauty, before applying lipstick, you must dab on some concealer. “This layer provides grip for the color to stay on all day,” says Sam Fine, a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist. After you’ve applied the lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue. Now you don’t have to worry about reapplying every few hours.