A Break Up Letter To My Running Shoes


Dear Neon-Yellow Gel-Nimbus’ 16’s,

Hello, my love. If you’re reading this, it means we need to get serious about saying goodbye to each other.

I wish this could be a “see you later” type of deal, but alas, it cannot be. We have been through a lot together, and as much as it pains me, we need to break-up. We need to move on. I think it would be best, if we each went our separate ways.

You see it’s not you, it’s me. I just need something more. Something that you can’t give to me anymore. It’s not that I didn’t get this from you in the past, because I did. But we became too comfortable with each other.

Where is the support you used to give me?

Our relationship used to be so carefree. I thought that we could make it through anything and everything. I was wrong. I have spent too many nights crying over you. And, for what? I always been there for you. I didn’t deserve this.

It’s like there is this hole in you, and I tried to fix that, but nothing seems to be working. You used to be so colorful and full of light. Now you are dull, and there is dark where your light used to be.

You used to hold me tight, but now I can hardly feel your embrace.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I loved you, I really did. You’ll always have a place in my heart.

I hope you find what makes you happy, and I will do the same.