9 Weird Fetishes That Fascinate Me


Kinky sex can be fun. It can be weird, exciting, and freeing. However, after speaking to a few close friends about how they get wild in the bedroom, I began to wonder just how many fetishes are out there. Short answer: a shit ton. If you can think of something, there is probably someone out there who gets off to it. I’ve compiled some of the strangest fetishes I’ve found. People actually get their “rocks” off to this shit.

1. Infantilism – Also known by the name adult baby syndrome, this sexual fetish not only involves dressing like an infant, but being treated like oneBesides being potentially problematic with the whole undertones of pedophilia being present, what I’m even more fascinated by are the people who find it kinky for their partner to dress up in a diaper. Is it a control thing? Is it repressed childhood sexuality? We just don’t know. I don’t know if I could be personally on board with a fetish that required me pick up Pampers before I head into the bedroom.

2. Dendrophilia– This sexual fetish is near and dear to many hippies hearts, I imagine. This fetish is the sexual arousal that occurs when someone comes into contact with trees. Like hugging them…or trying to fuck them. I get that trees can be phallic, but the idea of rubbing my bare dick against bark may be the scariest idea in the world to me.

3. Plushophilia – The sexual attraction to Teddy Bears. If your childhood wasn’t ruined enough by the internet, know that someone, somewhere could be getting their “rocks” off to your favorite stuffed animals.

4. Formicophilia – Apparently people can be super turned on by the idea of small insects crawling all over them and biting them. As in, spiders and cockroaches and probably fire ants are places on someone’s body and it gets them hot n’ heavy. Not really sure what else to say about this one besides fuck no.

5. Dacryphilia – Someone who is able to derive sexual pleasure from tears or seeing someone else in emotional distress. Also commonly referred to as a douche bag or high school gym teacher.

6. Spectrophilia – Referred to as the sexual attraction to ghosts or spectral beings. Although this may be the most unachievable sexual fetish on the list, I wonder if spectrophilias ultimate porn is the first season of American Horror Story.

7. Technosexual – Through my research I have come to understand that there are different variations of technosexuals. Some enjoy cyber sex and porn so much that they become attrached to their computers by seeing it as their sexual partner. Other technosexuals get off on the idea of being with AI or their Roomba. Either way, I think it comes down to the appealing idea of being able to turn your partner off once you’re done doing them.

8. Emetophilia – People with this fetish want to get it on when they see someone vomit. Any college town is probably the perfect playground for these pervs because I probably see someone throw up once a weekend in a shitty bar.

9. Frotteurism – These people get off on rubbing up against a non- consensual party whilst in public (i.e. public transportation) I’m genuinely curious how many people are turned on by this because people bump into me all the time on the Chicago Red Line and it’s never once crossed my mind that being close enough to smell my coffee breath may be sexy.

Do you know of any other strange fetishes? Let us know! Sound off in the comments below.

image –Derek Gavey

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