9 Ways You Can Adult In A New City


1. Eat yo’ veggies, because after awhile, you realize you’ve replaced them with quick bars and comfort carbs. Truthfully, veggies aren’t the tastiest things in the world but they make you feel good and keep you feeling fresh at work.

2. Shop for unnecessary items here and there. If you’re like me, your new paycheck will shock you – I never made this type of money lifeguarding. Don’t feel bad going out and buying a new sweater to celebrate your success and how awesome you’re doing.

3. Buy furniture that will make your new place feel like home. Guilty because… I still don’t have a couch. But I need to hop on that soon. Spending a portion of your paycheck on the right furniture will help you feel more comfortable in your new place.

4. Make new adult friends. Okay, so you can’t offer someone a part of your fruit rollups at recess and say “can we best friends?” anymore. But you can ask a new co-worker out to lunch. Or if you’re really up for it, bake cookies, bring ‘em to work, and start handing out the love to potential work friends.

5. Figure out your favorite exercise and the best time of the day to do it. I used to love to run in the afternoons and do yoga in the mornings, but haven’t done much of either since moving. Reverting back to what used to work for you has the potential to whip you back into shape, even a few months after moving.

6. Keep doing the things you always loved to do. Besides exercise, I always loved to write. This piece will actually be my first since I have started my new job, and it makes me feel like my authentic self again.

7. Organize your bills. I am truly fortunate to have a mother who made me do this, because I now feel comfortable and aware of my financial state. Doing this WILL keep you sane.

8. Find ways to stay silly. This might sound dumb, but it’s so crucial. Anything from getting dinner with a friend who makes you laugh so hard you choke on your beer, to watching YouTube videos of puppies doing the darndest things. Do this for you, because life is nothing without laughter.

9. Explore your new city, state, even country. On your drive home for work, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to drive to a new part of town. Or on a Saturday, Google the nearest park and go for a jog. This is your new home, so learn about it.