9 Vintage Pickup Lines For 90s Kids


1. Come over and play Nintendo. I’ll let you blow my cartridge.

Yeah. You know how to get it to work.

2. Your eyes are brighter than a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

And your smile is bright with all the lights of the neon galaxy.

3. How YOU doin’?

Joey Tribbiani ain’t got nothin’ on me.

4. Is that Michael Jordan in my pants or am I just happy to see you?

I’ve got Space Jam on DVD.

5. How about we raise some Rugrats?

But not Angelica. She’s a bitch.

6. I’d like to get N’Sync with you.

Let’s have some No Strings Attached fun.

7. Are you Y2K? Because you’ve got me all stocked up.

This could be the end of the world. Let’s make it count.

8. Might as well call me “dialup”, because I’m tying up your phone line.

I’ve got really god AIM.

9. I must be Bill Clinton, because you’ve just blown me away.

We can deny it happened in the morning.