9 Things You All Get Wrong About ‘Rich, Spoiled Brats’


I am NOT a rich spoiled brat. I am NOT feeding off my parents (technically I am, though I’d rather think I am not). I am NOT the stereotype couchpotato.

I graduated from a renowned university in Australia and am now working as a customer relations officer in my father’s company. Sweet, isn’t it?

Nope. You are so wrong. Life as a rich kid was never meant to be fun. Basically, you get more shit.

1. We are nothing more than our parents puppets.

We are living a life that our parents want us to live. We dream their dreams. We action their actions. Do you see the problem here? We have ZERO freedom.


2. We avoid the glare.

When we date, we cannot hold a girl’s hands. Or else, the next day will be our bane. Every few miles we walk, we are bound to meet someone who recognises us. They would either say hello or scowl at us. Either way it sucks.

3. We suffer from money problems too.

It is our parents who are rich, NOT US!

4. We have NO freedom.

Did I mention this already?


5. We can’t just date anyone.

Because rich people only date rich people, our parents would literally kill us if we date a “normal” girl. I don’t know who invented this rule, but somehow it is the prevalent norm.

6. At work, everyone is looking at us.

Working in your dad company is pressurising. We can’t be friends with our co-workers. We can’t get too close to the female co-workers. The spotlight is on us.


7. No one truly view us as who we are.

We have names! But people would call us by who-and-who’s son/daughter. We are just a shadow of our parents.

8. We cannot run away.

Unless you have the courage to emigrate. You can never shake it all off.

9. We are a bird in a gilded cage.

Nuff said.


So who still thinks that we live a comfortable life?

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