9 Staples Of Girl Code That Guys Will Absolutely Never Understand


1. The constant shedding of hair.

It is a sad but very real thing, that girls have hair that seems like it is ALWAYS falling out. But, you’re not alone. Our hair seems to find it’s way all over the place. On our coats, on our clothes, but most especially on our back. It is completely normal for a girl to tell another girl, “Hey, you’ve got hair all over your wool coat.” Because when they do, you’re like, “Hey, thanks. That’s a big help, even though I’m going bald.”

2. Periods.

Boys try to understand it, but they never will because they’ve never had to experience it. Girls have this common thing that happens every month, and I like to think we have each other’s backs. If a stranger comes up to me in the bathroom asking for a tampon, my mind doesn’t question it. Because we’ve all been in that place, and asking another girl for a tampon is really not weird at all.

3. Our true love of food.

Girls can eat like there is no tomorrow. If I see a girl at the grocery store with a carriage full of ice cream and chips, it’s almost like I want to give her a head nod that says, “You go girl.” That bottomless pit you call your stomach?! Hey I have one, too.

4. The trials and tribulations of compliments.

We all love to get them, but we just don’t know how to respond or react. It’s like if someone compliments your shirt, do you say you like their’s back? Do you just say KthxBye? I don’t think any of us know for sure, but we love it anyway because it can brighten our day.

5. The “No-Bra Excuse” Understanding.

If we’re super bored and want a friend to come over and all she says is, “Sorry I already took my bra off,” we totally get it. Taking off your bra at night is like saying your day is officially over. We get it, because we do the same thing.

6. Hair and Makeup or Lack Thereof. Some of us try, and some of us don’t.

Some girls don’t really do either, and some girls do both hair and makeup on a daily basis. But either way, we don’t judge. We’ve been in both the no make-up and hair position and the full make-up and hair position. Either way, those that don’t do as much upkeep envy those that can do their makeup everyday p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y.

7. The Hair Elastic Rule.

We always say OK to someone if they ask to “borrow” the hair elastic on your wrist, even though we know we won’t ever get it back. We totally understand why you’re keeping it, because we’ve all done it, but we can’t help saying yes even though we know what we are getting ourselves into.

8. Our Love/Hate Relations with Our Hair.

There is this eternal struggle we share of wanting to cut our hair, or waiting years to do it. Some days all we want is short hair, but other days we want long hair down our backs. Don’t even get us started on that middle length we dread after regretting cutting it short.

9. Appreciation of Other Women.

We love to be appreciated. We want to be known and remembered for the things we try and work hard for. Whether it is athleticism, brains, or a big heart, we are not just a pretty face. We know that boys drool and girls rule.