9 Reasons Why Tinder Is The Worst In Las Vegas


Of course this does not apply to everyone, but Tinder does not work the same way in Las Vegas as it does in, say, San Francisco, Austin — in fact, in just about every place but Sin City. I’ve personally seen it fail for a variety of reasons, only to find out my guy friends in the area suffered ample frustrations as well. Here’s why.

Girls without love

1. He wants a one night stand. Or a hookup, or an open relationship. Damn, you can’t seem to find anyone serious on here.

2. He is only in town for the night. Or the week, or the day. Either way, if you see him now, chances are you won’t see him again — ever.

3. He brings up porn. He knows someone in your photos. Surprise! Your skydiving instructor is also a porn star — wait, does that mean the guy telling you this is a porn star too?

4. He is drinking in every photo.
Sure he’s a Las Vegas local, but he only moved here so he could drink 24/7. He never sleeps and has a drink in hand at 7 in the morning — winning! Swipe left.

5. He has hot girls surrounding him in all his photos. Are they strippers, or just super hot girls he hangs out with all the time? Either way, it’s off-putting.

At first, I thought it was just me. Then I thought it was only girls who were having an issue. So, I spoke with an ex and a few guy friends who also told me how Tinder is great as long as they’re anywhere but Las Vegas.

Guys without action

1. You aren’t hot enough. There are so many ripped guys in Las Vegas. They all have pretty faces and they workout all the time. You need to swipe right every time in hopes of making a match.

2. She’s an escort. In Las Vegas, escorts have flooded Tinder. If she’s wearing a bikini, beware — read her profile. It may list her hourly price.

3. She doesn’t take you seriously. She may have dated too many bad eggs, and just assumes you aren’t looking for anything serious. You’re going to have to make a lasting first impression.

4. She doesn’t want to travel. If you can’t even get her to swipe right, how can you convince her to backpack across Europe with you?

Las Vegans, the struggle is real. Tinder is cool for quick hookups, but usually it falls short when it comes to everything else. Downloader beware, there are better dating sites out there.

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