9 Little Things You’ll Notice When You Start Falling For Him


The way he smiles. Whether the corner of his lips curve up into a smirk, or more subtle, only making an appearance when he laughs. If he smiles with his entire face, or just his eyes. If he smiles at you. If his smile makes you smile unconsciously.

His hands. If they’re tender or rough, if they rest gently or firmly against your lower back when he walks behind or around you. If they’re damp because he’s nervous. If you can feel the callouses on his palms when he takes your hand in his. If they’re strong and supportive around your waist. If he touches you lovingly.

His eyes. Not only the color, but the depth. If they’re open wide, or more calm and closed. If you find yourself lost in them, or feel found. If he looks at you with his full attention, almost as if he’s searching you for answers, trying to understand your mind just as much as you’re trying to understand his. If he feels mysterious, new, exciting, and/or safe.

His laugh. Whether it’s loud and full, or quiet and mellow. If it fills the room or warms the ears of those around him. If he is quick to laugh, or if it’s only in special moments. If he tilts his head back or his body forward. If he leans into you to share his happiness.

The way he speaks. The language, the conversation. If he’s always brimming with ideas, or quick to shape his talk around you. If he speaks in a certain way, speaks with passion, speaks purposefully or curiously. If he can engage in discussion, in story-telling, in small talk with you. If he’s vulnerable in what he shares with you.

The freckles on his skin. Or the birthmarks, the scars, the little imperfections that he pays no attention to, that doesn’t think about. You notice these tiny things, memorize them. Memorize if he runs his fingers through his hair, or if he absentmindedly touches the scar above his eyebrow when he’s thinking.

The way he interacts with everyone around him. How he talks to his friends, his family members, or you. If he’s hesitant and polite, or confident and self-assured. If he’s gentle or fearless, shy or bold. If he treats everyone around him with respect and care.

His walk. What side of you he stands on, if he’s always along the street side, protecting you from traffic, or on the inside, pulling you close. If he walks with his head high or turned down towards you. If he walks with purpose or casually, leisurely. If he walks with his arm around you, or his hand intertwined with yours.

The way he looks at you. If he looks at you like you’re a precious gem, or a beautiful equal. If he regards you with care, or with excitement. If he sees through the walls you’ve tried to hide behind, or if he looks at you with awe at all he can discover. If you catch him sneaking glances, or if he can’t look away.