9 Irresistibly Simple (And Brief) Things That Will Delight You


1. Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

Crepes with nutella, blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs and toast, pancakes and/or fresh cut fruit accompanied by a mimosa served on a tray or lap table creates one of the most comforting yet delicious ways to pass a lazy morning. It’s the perfect intertwinement between the sheets and with a loved one. Where muffins, cookies, and croissants can be purchased or made the night before, other dishes require a wake-up call and a little more effort before being able to relax once again. Don’t forget a sweet hand written letter that brings a bit of excitement to both the writer and recipient.

2. Eating decadent desserts.

It still has yet to be determined what of the “three” are more exhilarating. 1. Scanning the menu or eyeing the pastries on display to make a decision on how to satisfy the sweet craving. 2. The moment the dessert arrives and its time to take a photo of it to show proof of its beauty before it’s devoured. 3. The moment it’s tasted and savored with every bite.

3. Dancing and/or singing along to a favorite song.

When it’s time to let lose and not have a care about how ridiculous one may feel, it’s the immediate reaction that hits hard and there’s no turning back. Whether it’s a throwback from another time or the newest hit, there’s something magical about getting pumped literally by the sound of music.

4. Wearing seductive undergarments under modest clothes.

A uniform, business suit, social engagements, religious services, and/or a big meeting have certain standards, regulations, and etiquette one must follow. However, why not keep a sexy secret for yourself or perhaps someone else that you’d like to share it with by wearing something unexpectedly beautiful, intriguing, or sensuous below the surface? It’s the thrill of being naughty and nice—at the same time.

5. Taking a walk, drive, or bike ride without any trace of technology.

Detach, disconnect, and decompress. There’s nothing more freeing than being left with one’s thoughts without having the distraction of notifications, ringtones, and responsibility to others via communication. By making it a point to carve out a certain allotment of time to clear one’s mind within a chosen setting, it’s a needed moment of relief—now breathe.

6. Sleeping with the windows open.

From the heat of the summer to the frigid cold of the winter, there is something healing and healthy by having a small opening of fresh air circulating in the bedroom while asleep. Even by keeping the window open just a crack, it improves the quality of breathing when trying to achieve a good night’s rest.

7. Wearing something new, getting a haircut, dressing up, or all of the above at once.

By making a small alteration or change to one’s physical appearance actually does wonders on the inside, too. When catching a glimpse at one’s self in the mirror it could be as if a new version is being reflected back to the old one. By changing things up and paying attention to sincere compliments, it’s a good feeling that can warm anyone’s heart—from the inside out.

8. Sharing an experience alongside a dear one.

From the mundane to heightened adventure, it’s about the company that’s involved. Although there is lots of value in being alone through self-discovery, there’s something equally beautiful about seeing experiences through the eyes of others, too. Whether it be a child’s amazement at the park, a romantic dinner with a significant other, going shopping with a friend, or taking a vacation with a parent/sibling, four eyes are better than two as two voices are better than one.

9. Quick “pick-me-ups”.

Espresso, something salty or sweet, a cocktail of choice, a favorite song, a phone call from a best friend, or spending time in fresh air are small yet impacting ways to recharge one’s spirit when exhaustion is present. Although it may not be a solution to long term relief, it’s about being present in the moment to slow down in mind while jumpstarting the soul.