9 Easy Ways To Inject More Confidence Into Your Life


Let’s be honest: We could all use a bit more confidence.

If you were the most capable person you know, would you be able to tell? I hope so, because self-confidence is one of the many keys to a happy and successful life—however you’d like to define it!

People who are more confident get more, do more, and have more fun in the process. And I want that for you.

Any one of these tips below will help to inject more confidence into your life, and the more of them you do, the more you’ll be filled with confidence!

1. Ask for a promotion, or a raise.

The longer you’ve been at your job, the more deserving you are of a raise or a promotion. Yet almost 30% of employees have never a sked for a raise in their field, specifically because they’re too uncomfortable with the idea. Would that be you?

While you’ve been in your position, you’ve been learning more every day, getting better every week, and have probably been adding more value the longer you’ve been there. Why wouldn’t you deserve more responsibilities, or at least more money? Heck, inflation’s going up 3% a year! At least adjust for that.

Asking for a promotion or a raise doesn’t make you conceited. It helps you and your supervisors better understand your value. And all you have to do is ask.

A simple statement will do just fine. Like, “I’ve done good work here for [X] years, and I believe I [am ready / deserve] more. Please consider me for a [promotion / raise]. Thank you.”

If you’re not sure what you’re worth, check Glassdoor for your title in your town with your level of experience. Then ask away!

2. If you’re unhealthy, fix it.

It takes a lot of confidence to be body positive, to accept and appreciate what you’ve been given. But being healthy—not skinny or muscular, necessarily, but healthy—is perhaps even more important.

Healthier people have more energy and feel better about themselves. If you’re not at that place yet physically, that’s okay!

But leading a healthy and active lifestyle, such as by eating balanced meals and exercising regularly, will help you gain more confidence and help you enjoy life more!

3. Do something adventurous by yourself.

You are all you need, but you’ll never be able to internalize that sentiment without striking out on your own for a little while.

Go on a road trip. Go backpacking. Do something to get away for a while so that you can realize everything you’re capable of doing without anyone else’s help.

Doing things all by yourself? How’s that for a confidence-booster?

4. Save and invest your hard-earned money.

Financial security will make you feel, well, secure. You’re preparing for your future, growing your wealth, protecting yourself in case of emergencies, and getting ready for major purchases.

Finances are one of the top stressors, and nothing kills confidence like being under a lot of stress. So set a budget and be sure to pay yourself first in the form of cash savings and investments.

You’ll be able to walk with more confidence knowing you’re making good decisions, building your wealth, and protecting yourself. Plus, you’ll be able to do more with all that dough later.

5. Create boundaries in your relationships.

One of the most important things that any of us will learn is when to say “yes,” when to say “no,” and when to say, “If you do X, I will do Y.”

Until we do, others will be able to take advantage of you in myriad ways, and everyone will be worse for it. Gain more confidence by taking control of your life.

I strongly recommend the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, because a life without boundaries is not an enjoyable one!

6. Compliment yourself every day for a year.

If you’re going to live the happy and successful life you want to live, you’ve got to find a way to block out the haters. And since every person is their own worst critic, step one is to shut yourself up—the negative side, that is.

Instead of tearing yourself down, build yourself up! Make it a point—make it a goal—to compliment yourself at least once every day. Because you are going to finish that project on time, your hair does look today, and you should be proud of yourself.

7. Start your own business.

You shouldn’t start a business just to try to make a lot of money, thought that’s always an option. You should start your own business because it puts you in control.

Venturing out to start a business, whether it’s freelancing or creating a startup, puts you in charge and gives you an entirely different set of responsibilities. These help you learn and grow and push yourself and inevitably bring you more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start a business—or much of anything else. But the benefits can last a lifetime!

8. Revolutionize your entire wardrobe.

What could bring you more confidence like taking on and owning an entirely new identity? That’s what a new wardrobe allows you to do—to reinvent how you present yourself to the world and how you see yourself.

What’s more, overhauling your closet creates a clear break with your past. It might be scary to create that break, but it’s so much better than trying to hold on to what once was (or worse—almost was).

9. Laugh at yourself, a lot.

It’s okay to have flaws! That’s what makes you unique.

You’ll often hear advice to roll with the punches or to insult yourself before anyone else has the chance to. That works (assuming you don’t flood yourself with insults). But it’s more important (and better for you) that you learn not to take yourself so seriously.

Everyone—at least at some point—is insecure or messed up. That doesn’t make you bad! Confidence comes with acceptance. If some goofball thing you do helps to create a memory, embrace it!