8 Things To Seriously Think About Before Entering The Sex Work Industry


If you say that you’ve never considered stripping to afford tuition, you’re lying. The sex work industry holds a unique space in the back of every college girl’s mind, usually coming into play when rent is due or when you see the price of your textbooks for the semester. The main question here is “If it’s so easy to make money this way, why am I not doing it?” While it may seem so easy to develop a strip tease or model for nudie pictures, there is an emotional caveat that usually halts that train of thought. Sex work has been ingrained in our minds by society as a degrading occupation, the act of crossing to the dark side. If you do choose to take on the sex work industry, here’s what you need to know.

1. Find your flavor. There’s a ton of different ways to get involved in the sex work industry, so investigate before you get involved. Amateur porn may be a little more than you’re looking for but you can always try sugar dating or escort services.

2. Do your research. Lots of others have gone though the same process you’re contemplating right now and left some handy advice out there on the Internet. A couple searches will help you get a feel for the work you want to try and steer you clear of the ones you don’t.

3. Protect your identity. Safety first, privacy second. No matter your endeavor, you don’t need to share your real name when a nickname will do just fine. Find a good name and stick with it; use it with your clients and business friends.

4. Build good relationships. You’ll meet a lot of interesting people in the sex work industry, but not all of them will be your friends. Pay special attention the people who are there for you when you’re first getting your footing- they’ll be the ones to thank later.

5. Consider your future. If you dream of becoming president, this may not be the direction for you. Letting a college cash scheme attach a label to your name can be detrimental to your dreams of a public future. Understand that privacy is NOT confidentiality, and there’s no guarantee that your dabbling in the sex work industry won’t come up after college.

6. Understand the commitment. Even if you know its all acting, the sex work industry can take an emotional toll. Plenty of people will look down on your work and some may even express their displeasure with your new interests. Be ready to defend yourself or take the insult.

7. Embrace it. If you want to try it, try it. When entering into the world of the naughty and taboo, you have to play the part and hold nothing back. This can give you the opportunity to explore a fun side of you that hasn’t yet debuted.

8. Know who you are. This industry is not for everyone. If you get queasy at the thought of stepping foot in a strip club, you ought to look elsewhere. Just because your friends are trying it out, doesn’t mean you have to join them.