8 Things Strong, Independent Women Want From A Man



Not only do we want it, we need it. Freedom equates to survival for us. When we say that we want to go out for a few, whether it’s to grab a bite to eat or see a movie by ourselves, believe us. We’re not going out to cheat on you, we’re not doing anything mysterious, we just want some “me” time. Once you can understand this and respect it, we end up loving you 10 times more. Win, Win.


Deep down we’re feminists (without the title; it’s 2014 – we don’t need it). Although we like to do things on our own and occasionally fit the bill, we are not, and I repeat, we are not your mother. We don’t want to pick up after you around the house, we don’t want to micromanage your life, and we damn for sure don’t want to cook and clean for you every day of the week. We believe in equality. And although we love catering to our men, we also love a man who can pick up his fare share in the relationship.


Respect our thoughts. If you don’t agree, speak up with a rebuttal. Help us understand your POV. We like that. Respect our bodies. Respect our emotions. Nothing is sexier than a confident guy who “gets” us and realizes that although we are two separate entities on two separate paths, we are still one.

Unconditional Love

Realize that we love you more than anything, even though work and our independent lives may get in the way. Love us anyways. If you mean that much to us and if you make us feel exactly how we want to feel in a relationship, you will get the majority. If you want change, we’ll make a way. Always.


We often get coined for being the “bitch”, “emotionless” and “too strong.” But truth is, in order for us to be a “strong independent woman” we have to go through a ton of trials and tribulations to keep up there. We often put up guards because we’ve been hurt. We stand our ground on decisions because when we don’t, no one listens to us. And no matter what, we will always show confidence although we may feel especially vulnerable at that moment. Understand that we are still fragile human beings and compassion is what we really need in our deepest, emotional moments. We like our men emotional, but still manly enough to help us feel protected.


We love a man who has the drive to keep up with his body, his mind, his work, oh and us 😉 Drive to match our drive (and maybe a little extra) is what really sets us on fire! Eating healthy and maintaining your body is a plus, reading/educating yourself is a must, and still saving time for adventure/travel keeps us on our toes. Gotta save time for fun.

Ongoing Friendships

We thoroughly enjoy our friendships and our “girl nights.” When one partner doesn’t have a close knit of friends and/or family to hang out with, it often leads to that person being jealous and clingy — two things that independent women despise. It’s okay to live separate lives sometimes. We’re partners, not conjoined twins.

Strong Independent Man

We need someone to match our greatness. To understand our logic, and to help build us back up after we’ve fallen down. We don’t need someone who constantly seeks for approval, we need a man who has a goal and is working hard to accomplish it, or (even better) already there, doing what he loves to do in life.