8 Reasons It’s Fine To Not Know What You Want To Do With The Rest Of Your Life


We are constantly pressured into having a basic pre planned life following earning our boring bachelorette degree we’ll probably never use. So, naturally, we pretend to know for sure that we want to continue our education to Law School (not unless I’m Elle Woods) or Medical School (do you want to turn gray at 25?). When, in reality, we don’t have a clue where we’ll be in 10 years, here’s why that’s OK.

1. You don’t have the same friends, interests, hobbies, or talents as you did 10 years ago. So why would you have the same interests 10 years from now? Not only are your surroundings going to change, but your life is going to change, and most importantly YOU are going to change. You may not find the job you want until you meet some really hot 30 year old woman with a sleeve and pixie haircut, find out she gets paid way too much to do something very simple and think “I want her job”. It’s okay if you don’t have your life planned out- you’re about to live the really fun part.

2. Very few of the established successful you meet in life knew what they wanted to do right out of high school.

3. What even is “established and successful”? Who says you can’t be a fortune teller or that guy that takes pictures of people on the beach.

4. Even if you do plan your life out- the chances of it working out like that are slim to none. Nothing ever works out as planned. Remember when you tried to pass that hot guy in the hallway every Thursday in hopes that one day he would talk to you and then you’d date and make beautiful children? Yeah, how’d that plan work out for you? (Brush it off, we’ve all been there).

5. Your first 1-2 years in college is barely tailored to your major anyway. So, technically you could go to clown school in California and transfer all your credits.

6. Let’s be real. YOU aren’t the one that wants your life planned out. It’s your parents, your academic advisor, your way-too-competitive best friend.

7. We can’t even guarantee we’ll be living in the same town a year from now, we can’t guarantee if we will have the same friends or family, we can’t really guarantee anything. So, why plan? Go with the flow, trust me. You’ll thank me later.

8. Life isn’t all about work. It’s not all about that 9-5 job that you pretend to like to get free lunch, it’s not all about how big your cubicle is or your 401K (don’t worry about that now). So if you’re going to plan- plan something you’re passionate about. Plan an adventure. Plan a surprise. Or, don’t plan at all.. that’s ok too.