This Is For Our Generation, The First Generation That’s Choosing For Itself


This is for every other kid, who was just seventeen yesterday, a kid by their definition, and now eighteen, declared to be an adult all of a sudden.

This is for every time when you felt as if society made you feel bad for being a kid. Made you feel less of a person because we were blessed enough to grow up in a much more developed era.

This is for every time you bite your tongue when an older stranger would would throw you a disapproving glance for knowing things they don’t, for loving the bluish glow of your screen.

This is for every time you hear the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” and you think is it truly wasted as much as  it’s unappreciated by those older?

This is for every moment you were robbed of making your own mistakes because “they know better.” You know that they do, and you love them for this, but this is why lions let their cubs roam.

This is for every time they snicker over the songs we listen to, the art we agonize over and the words we purposely put ink on paper for. How is it any less than theirs just because it isn’t the same?

This is for every small step we take for us and every giant step we take for society. This is for every under-appreciated act of bravery in our generation.

This is for every fresh graduate, searching for a job and seeing that all of them ask for work experience. And you sit there and wonder how the power of seniority holds so much of your future, so much so that it asks of you for everything just for an entry level.

But this is also for every innovative step we choose to take.

This is for our restlessness, our inability to settle and for this, our potential to grow.

This is for the generation that chooses to accept what cannot be accepted, adapt to survive.

This is for the generation who has seen too much hate, too much violence yet is still smart enough to hope and act on something better.

This is for the generation who is not afraid to speak up, to dive headfirst into the unknown. This is the generation that chooses to rejoice in flaws, in uniqueness, in the originality of life.

This is the generation you’d love to hate.

But in the end, this is the generation that, no matter what, would let you choose.