8 Men Who (Surprisingly) Make For A Great Time In Bed


1. The much older man.

No, not the TA in your class, I’m talking much older. If you’re 21 and thinking banging a 26 year old makes you mature, please, keep it moving. Men in their twenties (rarely) have anything satisfying to offer you. A man in his forties (or even tip-toeing into his 50s) has been around enough to know where the clitoris is located and that simply spitting on your vagina isn’t enough lubrication. And endless bonus points if he used Viagra. Trust me, Viagra sex is GOOD sex.

2. The loser.

Maybe not a total loser, but definitely someone you aren’t running home to talk about. In that, yes, you are absolutely 20,000 leagues ahead of him, and he knows it. As a result, you can damn sure bet he’s going to make up for that in the boudoir. Or at least try. Effort is half the battle.

3. The ex.

You probably shouldn’t make a habit of it, but why not have an occasional romp with your past? If you already know the sexual chemistry is killer, I don’t see anything wrong with a trip down memory lane. Just be straight up and honest, and let the good times roll.

4. The professor.

Aren’t you just a teeny bit curious to see what’s underneath that sweater vest?

5. The extra-to-love.

I spent my college years sleeping exclusively with tall, skinny boys. I still giggle when I remember how proud they were of their abs. Babe? That’s your ribcage. So when I started hooking up with my first plus sized dude, it took some getting used to. But the sex was phenomenal. Something about feeling so small with a big-beefcake really got me going. I had no idea this was a turn-on for me. While I’m not a huge cuddler, they DO make the best teddy bears post-coitus. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

6. The overlooked one.

That babely wallflower that somehow never got his day in the sun. He’s not used to attention, so you showing interest will not only make his day, he’ll want to show his gratitude. This is the guy who gives you oral sex without any expectation of it being returned. Treasure this creature.

7. The divorced one.

Oh, boo-hoo. His marriage crumpled apart and now he feels like a stranger in his once home. While that sob story isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac, being the one who reminds him what passion feels like definitely is. Fucking a divorced man is quenching extreme thirst at its finest.

8. The gamer.

If you can tear him away from his gaming system long enough, those fingers know how to manipulate more than just a controller.