8 Fantastic Things I Learned While Living In France That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Immediately


1. Food Is King

This one is obvious, but something many people don’t know is France has banned loads of preservatives and pesticides from ever touching their food. The result is fresh bread every day, natural, juicy fruit, and a simple healthy lifestyle.

2. Learn At Least Some French

For the last few centuries, French has been battling English for the title of universal language. In the end, English won, but they still expect you to learn at least 100 words of their language. French is spoken by 220 million people and knowing how to say “s’il vous plait” and “merci” goes a long way.

3. France Is More Than Just Paris

Out of the whole United Kingdom, London is where 90% of the action happens. Same goes for Reykjavik, Iceland and Istanbul, Turkey; a lot of countries only have one epicenter of culture to offer foreigners. But France is one of the largest European countries and has a ton of great cities like Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux with their own unique charm.

4. Forget #3, Paris Is Golden!

Paris is like New York or London, it’s a metropolis of diversity, art, and curiosity. There are really two ways to experience France, roaming the countryside or living it up with the Parisians. If you have to choose, see Paris; the city is endlessly glorified by the rest of the world.

5. French Is Harder Than You Think

Unlike Spanish or Russian, spoken French and written French are totally different from one another. It takes a little bit more time to speak French well, but they appreciate the effort.

6. The Bread Ritual

Every morning the French will stop by their local baker for the best bread on Earth, made fresh that day. Because of the laws in France, the lack of preservatives in the bread cause it to go bad by nightfall. It’s a wonderful habit.

7. Sweet, Sweet Socialism

Universal health care, easy retirement and a shrinking workweek give the French people an unfair advantage against other Western countries that haven’t gotten on board with the same ideas. (I’m looking at you America.) These free services let the French focus on what really matters.

8. C’est la vie. (“SAY LA VEE”)

Art, fashion, and nature are all idolized in France. They enjoy a slower pace of life, allowing for more family and vacation; spend enough time with the locals and they can teach you how to appreciate the world as much as they do.