Chasing Tornados In Texas


it was the end of may.
the sky was filled
with bright sunshine rays, quickly pushed away
by all the dark grey.
clouds and rain begin to close in.
it made me think of you.
you. oh, you, how you became
my entire world within one night.
one night filled with so much
cheeks hurt from smiling,
bellies sore from laughing,
taking shots in parking lots,
gazing through clouds of gods gift,
got lost in your eyes, i’m up in haze, thinkin’ to myself,
damn so these are the better days. better days turned to every day.
you turned into home.
so when you left,
i didn’t know what to do, so
i looked for you. all but unrecognizable, you only push me away, as
i continue to kill myself
searching for a time
that no longer exists.