7 Wonderful Things We Should Never Forget About Ourselves


As human beings, if you take a very close look at us, we are a lot alike. In fact, we are almost identical, except for the details. While the details do matter a lot, as they give us our identities, our similarities matter a whole lot too, and we tend to forget we have these similarities when we are broken or battered from the storms that life hurls our way.

Here are 7 similarities I have compiled that we must remember when we feel like our pain has been singled out by the universe, when in fact there are millions of souls giving us company at this very moment, stuck in the same dilemma.

1. We Are Always Stronger Than We Think

It’s there, deep within you. That survival instinct. That endless courage. You think a bullet could take you out. Well, I guess you don’t know that your heart is made of titanium, and miracles do exist. Though this might sound like crazy talk, the truth is you are special and your resistance is unmatched. Though as brittle as you think you are, you are not that easily breakable. You don’t see the surreal strength you possess. You are stronger than you think.

2. We Are Smart

I do not believe that academic results are the ultimate proof of intellect. To be fairly honest, it’s all too overrated, this judging we do based on how many man-made degrees you have to own before you are crowned as acceptable. You are made by the hand that holds this universe; that is all the approval you need. You are smart, whether you failed that maths test or not. You have talent and you know this too. The truth is, you know that you are smart and capable of tossing aside mountains. The problem is, you’re scared. And that’s okay.

3. We Are Human

You are not cat woman or spider man. You don’t have to shoot webs from your wrists or climb skyscrapers in seconds to be astounding. You will make mistakes and that is how you transform into better versions of yourself. Quit feeling like you are less than what you are. You are human, and that is a powerful gift. Perhaps even the most powerful gift of all.

4. Our Lifetime Matters

Although life can sometimes steer us towards feeling like everything is meaningless, and that we are completely insignificant, that is not the case. The smallest twig can alight the entire Amazon, if allowed. You are not small and your existence matters. Though you are another in millions, you are still one in a million. You are here and that is with purpose. So, keep pursuing your wildest dreams and never feel like your lifetime will not leave an imprint.

5. We Are Allowed To Be Emotional

You can feel any emotion you want, and it does not make you weak. If you feel like your heart is about to explode with your oversized love, that’s great. If you feel like your bones are about to melt and cave in from grief, that’s okay too. Whatever you feel, there’s nothing ridiculous about it, so welcome in the feeling, whenever it comes. Let it live in you and leave when it wants. Feel. Feel it all and free your aching soul.

6. We Are Insanely Loved

Sometimes, for no solid reason whatsoever, we may feel like we are unlovable, or that we are unworthy of love. We may feel like we are not deserving of the love, respect, kindness and compassion that we bestow others. This is not true at all. Whether you know it or not, you are loved, deeply and sincerely by so many people that you are probably not even aware of. Look around you and see the magic that you have been blind to. You are loved and cherished and you will always be. Always.

7. We Have Not Been Abandoned

This is important to always remember. If you forget everything else you have read so far, remember this: You are never alone. It’s pleasantly shocking how much help is available at our finger tips if we would just let down these iron walls and invite the assistance in. We are insecure, indifferent and inevitably skeptical about the world to such an extent that we have forgotten that there is a very effective support system waiting for us to reach out. Whatever it is that may be breaking your heart or crushing your soul into powder, you are not alone in any war. You have backup on standby, waiting for you to give out the green light, so go ahead and make that transition. Switch off the red.