7 Ways To Make A Good Day Even Better



In the immortal words of Emeril Lagasse, “Kick it up a notch!”

1. Treat yourself (if you haven’t done so already).

You could go to that coffee/pastry/sushi/smoothie place you love and get your favorite item. Maybe you can buy those desperately needed casual shoes you’ve been meaning to replace for two months now. Perhaps go see a on a spur-the-moment date with your significant other. Don’t have one? Go to a movie by yourself during the day. All that matters is that it be a simple pleasure that you usually deny yourself.

2. Call friends and ask them how they’re doing.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy those moments where I am not a self-centered asshole, hyperfocused on the trivial details of my day-to-day life. It’s nice to get outside of yourself, and just to listen to hear how someone else’s life is going. This is also a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate some stagnant friendships and relationships.

3. Do that one thing you’ve been meaning to do.

Ah, the much-loved triumph of breaking through the wall of procrastination. I usually find it’s the easiest to tackle those “ugh nope not today” tasks when I’m already on a roll and feeling good about things (and it usually makes me feel still better).

4. Do something kind.

Specifically, do something kind without expecting anything in return. Maybe it isn’t your turn to clean the bathroom, but you can do it anyways. Perhaps the break room at work could be tidied up a bit. The options here are limitless, but, for whatever reason, selfless acts of service seem to do the heart some good.

5. Do something with personal significance.

This could be as simple as a little feel-good ritual or as significant as visiting the grave site of someone passed. For me, these are things that I would love to do more often, but rarely have the motivation or time or space to do. It can even be a long-dropped hobby that, as frustrating as it can be, makes you feel industrious.

6. Give credit where credit is due.

Every single person has someone to thank for helping them get to where they are today. Find one of those people, in person on online, and thank them for what they have done. This will give you a sense of gratitude and them a much deserved validation.

7. Write it down.

If you’re having a good day, write down what happened, and what made it so good. Keeping record of bright spots in life is always gratifying, and, who knows, it might come in handy.

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image – X-Men: First Class